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What's On This Summer at SixteenO's Art Bar

They say Adelaide’s a boring city. I beg to differ. Often dubbed as “The Festival City”, Adelaide has an overwhelming arts and cultural scene where every street and corner blossoms with picturesque scenes and year-round festivals which are the result of art involvement. In such a city, one cannot help but admire the arts scene that is so intertwined within its core, and thus involve themselves and become a small but definite part of it.

One of the bigger contributors to Adelaide’s art scene though, sits on the fringes of Adelaide’s very own Chinatown - one of Adelaide’s main cultural precincts. SixteenO’s Art Bar offers arts classes all year round, and are offering Summer Holiday Classes for those who would like to indulge themselves in the Adelaide arts scene and learn a new skill over the summer holidays. The art school takes pride in being able to teach students of all levels, no matter how much a student has been exposed to art before attending their classes. Students who had previously not touched a paintbrush in their entire life have gone on to have art pieces showcased in exhibition halls.

SixteenO’s Art Bar teaches various forms of art. This summer holidays, they have gone out of their way to provide 8 different art classes to teach the different art forms. The art school aims to not just assist in helping more people to learn the ropes of traditional and modern art, but also to understand art which is everywhere around this vibrant artsy city.

Painting & Sketching

As one of the core basics of art, learning to sketch and paint works wonders to improve observation and art implementation skills, not to mention learning various knowledge and skills of sketching and painting. Acrylic, watercolour and oil paints are provided and used in the classes.

Pottery Making

Students get to experience the different methods and machinery used to make various clay masterpieces. Feel the delight when you mould clay from scratch, or when you shape it with a rotating Potter’s Wheel!

Digital Art Drawing

Students will learn to draw on an iPad Pro using the digital illustration software Procreate®. An iPad Pro will be provided to you for use in class! Various digital drawing techniques will be taught to master this new form of art.

World Art Appreciation

Learn all about art history and understand art through the stories behind some of the world’s masterpieces. Feel the emotions and thoughts expressed by these masterpieces in this class. The painting techniques used to create these world-famous masterpieces will be taught in class through the process of recreating them yourself.

Outdoor Painting

Breathe in the fresh air from Adelaide’s natural environments while creating your very own masterpiece of it. Immerse yourself in Adelaide's nature and beautiful sceneries and transform them into art.

Chinese Traditional Painting & Calligraphy

Learn how to paint and write . Master the painting and writing techniques of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy while understanding the extensive and profound Chinese ink culture.

3D Modelling & Painting

Learn the core ideas and concepts of 3D modeling. The Shapr3D software is used for modeling, and 3D Printers are used to print your very own 3D model into a real object!

(Anime) Character Creation

Understand the methods and ideologies of animation character creation. Learn the dynamic drawing techniques to design various structures of the human body and clothes. Design and depict different personalities for different characters. This course provides a solid foundation for future animation studies.

What are you waiting for? Come over to SixteenO’s Art Bar to learn all about art now!


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