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After School Classes

  • Aimed at students aged 12 - 18 (6 - 12 grades)

  • The course content is customized to different age groups and personal interests

  • After class tutoring for SACE & IB preparation

  • Assist students in creating their portfolio for university applications

  • Professional art materials provided for all classes

​* Class Bookings are strictly not accepted within 24 hours of class commencement.

Feel like you’re ready to take on a long-term course?
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Long-term Courses

Long-term courses allow you to achieve your goals through multiple sessions.

Starting from ten sessions (20 hours), long-term courses are perfect for students who want to build certain skills or achieve academic goals.

We are happy to discuss about your passions and tailor our teaching content and syllabus according to your needs.


Buy prepaid sessions today and book your first session. Book the rest of your sessions separately through our website at your convenience.

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