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Holiday Classes & Short Courses

Welcome to SIXTEENO’S ART STUDIO, where creativity meets individuality. Our classes are designed to help you explore your artistic side and improve your skills. We offer a variety of classes, including holiday classes and short courses, to fit your schedule and interests.We customize our teaching content and syllabus to your own needs and interests: whether you are an entry-level artist or a high-level professional artist, we have something for you. Experience the joy of creating art and join us today.

* Guests are encouraged to book at least 24 hours before the start of a workshop for preparation purposes to give you the best experience.

Please refer to our Booking Policies for more details.



Kids & Teens Holiday Pottery Classes


7-18 years old


4/15/2024 — 4/19/2024


10am -- 12pm,1pm -- 3pm


2 hours / class


Pottery Wheel and Sculpturing

  • 2 hours session. All material included.

  • Each session we make a different project.

  • Buy 2 sessions in one day including lunch.

  • Buy 4 sessions and email the studio to get a $35 voucher.

  • Students can arrive half an hour early and leave half an hour later if needed.

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