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An Introduction to Pottery Classes

Pottery - one of the greatest inventions in prehistoric times, has contributed so much to the advancement of humankind. From teapots to giant vases, objects made from pottery have greatly improved the quality of life of human beings. Fast forward to the present, we see pottery as a form of art appreciated by enthusiasts worldwide.

SixteenO's Art Bar is currently offering Holiday Pottery Making Classes to those who wish to embrace and learn the ropes of this ancient form of art in the cool summer breeze.

The two main shaping methods of pottery - Hand-Building and the Potter’s Wheel Method - are taught at SixteenO's Art Bar.

Hand Building: The pinching or/and combining of clay to form various shapes, with different hand-built parts joined together with the aid of sip (an aqueous suspension of clay body and water) if necessary.

Potter’s Wheel Method: Involves the process of “throwing” in which a ball of clay is placed in the middle of the Potter’s Wheel and rotated. Various techniques are applied in the process to shape the clay into its desired state.

After the final shape and state of your pottery is achieved, Glazing (the process of adding colour, patterns and designs to pottery) is done to finish up your masterpiece. Congratulations! You can now bring it home and use it everyday to your heart’s desire.

Excited with the idea of making your own pottery masterpiece? Head to SixteenO's Art Bar for one of our Holiday Pottery Making Classes this summer!

*Zero experience needed, Parent-child classes available


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