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At Adelaide's Very Core - SixteenO's Art Bar

Adelaide - a city of culture and the arts. In such a city, it is not surprising to see vibrant art institutions scattered all around the place. One such place is SixteenO's Art Bar, located on the fringes of Adelaide’s Chinatown. This particular art studio brims with the smells of paint and clay, as well as the sketching sounds of pencil on paper. Art, they believe, is far more than just the appreciation of its visual aspects – it is, in fact, the harmonious collision of all five senses.

It all started in the midst of reddish, fallen leaves on a windy autumn day in 2018. Since then, SixteenO’s Art Bar has paved the way for many aspiring artists. Students that have benefited from the blessings and strokes of inspiration that stemmed from the art studio’s creative atmosphere have been able to get themselves accepted into top arts degrees, especially for those who took the Visual Arts subject in their SACE and International Baccalaureate programs. However, initial talent does not matter as the studio’s founder, Mr Yuan famously quoted “There is a sleeping artist in everyone, and what we do is wake them up”. Besides art students, people from all walks of life - beginners and experts alike - gather at the art studio to experience the carousel of emotions that art brings to their lives.

The studio believes in an all-round approach when it comes to the teaching of the arts. The first step to embark on the path of mastering art is to first understand it. It is then the development of skills and formation of creative thought processes can flourish. Professional development is deemed important as well, especially in the areas of art observation and appreciation, the ability to focus, and most importantly – confidence, imagination, and creativity. No matter the form of art education it offers – oil painting, pottery or sketching, the studio recognises that the beauty of an art piece originates from the artists themselves.

SixteenO’s Art Bar is also active in the Adelaide arts and cultural scene, frequently being a part of art exhibitions and the South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival. With it being in the core of Adelaide’s arts scene, the studio is looking for a new generation of artists to join them in riding the waves of traditional and modern art. Take a step into the studio this summer holidays, and you will see the magic happen, and the artist in you evoked!

SixteenO’s Art Bar Summer Holiday Classes 2021/2022

  • Sketching & Painting

  • Pottery Making

  • Chinese Calligraphy & Traditional Painting

  • Appreciation of World Masterpieces

  • Multi-material Drawing

  • Human Posture & Structure Drawing

  • Anime Figure Creation

  • Digital Drawing

  • 3D Modelling & Printing


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