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16O's Classic


Get professional knowledge in drawing and colour, the most important basic course in art.

Developing your observation and practical skills through this course, an essential to systematically learning arts.


Oil Painting

Oil paints must be mixed with oil as the medium. It is not easy to dry, generally takes a month for a painting to dry. After drying, the colour will stay vivid, and it will preserve the thickness and gloss of the paint layer. The brushstroke of oil painting is extremely strong. 

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oil painting


Acrylic painting

Acrylic paints are most often mixed with water. It can be painted on all kinds of surfaces because it covers the surface and dries easily. After the colour dries, it becomes difficult to blend with the wet pigment but the colour stays vivid.

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Watercolour is a way of expression that uses water as a medium to mix pigments for painting. It has a smooth and transparent finish.
The dryness, wetness, intensity of the water-melting colours and the penetration effect on the paper make watercolour painting very expressive.