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Image by Noelle Ho


The Chinese knot is a hand-woven craft that displays the sentiment and wisdom of the ancient Chinese civilisation. It originated from sewing and tying knots in the Paleolithic era.

Now, people use them as decorations, gifts between friends, and personal ornaments. Its symmetrical and exquisite appearance represents traditional Chinese aesthetic concepts and philosophy. Thus, the Chinese knot is a crucial cultural figure representing unity, happiness, and peace.

There are many styles, including Panchang knots, double money knots, button knots, pipa knots, Tianjin knots, and other knot styles among the Chinese knots.

At SixteenO’s Art Bar, our experienced teachers will teach students the basic techniques to complete a Chinese knots ornament.

Example Artworks

*The images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact presentation of your work.
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