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16O's Classic


Get professional knowledge in drawing and colouring, the most important basic course in art.

Developing your observation and practical skills through this course, an essential to systematically learning arts.


B&W Sketching

A monochrome drawing of an object in light and shade by using charcoal, pencil, pen, etc. with lines is called sketching. Sketching is the foundation of all paintings. It focuses on depicting the outline and the relationship between light and dark. Sketching possesses a sense of natural rhythm. Different sketching strokes combined to convey a sense of volume, tones and textures.

Helvetica Light is an easy-to-read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.



Colour Pencil

Coloured pencil drawing is a form of art performed in the middle of sketching and colour. It can show both the delicacy of sketching and the rich colours of watercolour, oil painting and other forms of painting. And the tools needed are relatively simple and easy to carry, so it has become the most common choice for beginners.

Image by Wilhelm Gunkel


Oil Pastels

The colour of the oil pastels is very rich, soft and somewhat creamy. The colours blend in easily and can be easily mixed by rubbing with your fingers. The texture of oil pastels is thick, thus it is able to achieve layered effects looking like oil paintings.




Bright colours and clear strokes are what made markers special. It is a more practical tool to use since markers can show both the line and surface rapidly. Drawing with markers do not require artists to modulate the colour.

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