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Valentine's Day
Art Classes


11th February 2022 - 14th February 2022


Experience Painting or Pottery Classes for Couples this Valentines Day - for a discounted price of $99!

                                                                                                                     (original price: $138)

There are three modes available:

  • Two Halves Is Better Than One: Each side completes one half of the artwork and assembles the two halves into a single completed artwork!

  • Couple Dream Team: The couple works together as a team to complete a single artpiece - made out of love!

  • Exchanging Love: The couple both has their own canvas - they may complete similar artworks and exchange their DIY artwork as Valentine's Day gifts to each other!

Receive a Rose worth $10 after successful registration.

Free snacks, drinks are provided during classes - including a glass of wine.

No idea what Couple Art is about? Check out our gallery now!

Don't miss this opportunity for an unforgettable experience with your other half!

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