Our Teachers

Ms Doudou

Skilled in Painting & Sketching, Oil painting, and Chinese Traditional Painting & Calligraphy, Ms Doudou has 16 years of teaching experience under her belt. A graduate of Guangxi Arts Institute and the University of Adelaide in the fields of Fashion Design, Landscape Design, Architectural Design, Urban Design and Digital Multimedia Design, she incorporated her knowledge and skills in these different fields which contributed to her unique approach towards art. She focuses on the artistic and cultural depth as well as the analysis and explanation of various art techniques, which made her popular among students.


Mr Dean

A graduate of Shanghai Tongji University’s Art and Design major as a National Scholarship holder, as well as the University of Adelaide’s Bachelor of Architectural Design and a double Master’s Degree in the fields of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Mr Dean worked at Brearley Architects and Urbanists as a Landscape Designer. He has started his art school career since 2012, and is experienced in teaching Painting & Sketching, Oil Painting, and Sculpting. A teacher famed for his responsibility, Mr Dean emphasises on building a strong foundation in students as a beginning to their journey in the world of art.


Ms Echo

Being passionate towards art since her childhood days, Ms Echo went to Beijing to kickstart her art education at a very young age. A graduate of Harbin Normal University and University of South Australia in the fields of Contemporary Art and Industrial Design, she participated in the creation of Adelaide’s many murals. She began her career with a role as a children’s art teacher at church back in 2012, and in 2014 taught at the Australia China Culture and Arts Centre. With many years of experience under her belt, she is exceptionally focused and skilled in Painting and Sketching. A teacher with a sweet and kind personality, she is patient and understands local Australian culture with her extensive experience in teaching local Aussie students.


Ms Zoey

An Art Design Bachelor’s degree holder and a graduate of the University of Adelaide’s Master of Landscape Architecture, Ms Zoey has always performed exceptionally well and has achieved outstanding results throughout her years of education. Skilled in Painting & Sketching, 2D & 3D Sculpting, and Conceptual Design, her works of art was featured in higher education art exhibitions. Having 3 years of experience teaching art to children in Adelaide and China, she excels in the art of inspiring creativity deep inside young minds. A patient teacher, she has a kind and gentle personality while being responsible towards her students.


Mr Jalen

A graduate of Nanjing Forestry University and the University of Adelaide in the fields of Art Design and Landscape Design, Mr Jalen not only has many years of experience in teaching art, but also worked in an architectural planning and design institute in his early years. Skilled in Painting & Sketching, Character and Landscape Sketching, and Graphic Design, he is popular with the students and one of SixteenO’s prized possessions.